Monday, September 24, 2007

This Week...

Just wanted to let you all know that it may be a slow week....My mom/secretary has to fly back to Minneapolis & I'm trying to train in the temp - Mr. Froggy...He has quite long fingers which should make him a very good I'm hoping he has some computer skills to go along with those froggy fingers...we'll see... I'm hoping to visit your blogs anyway...I learned to do that without any help from my peoples. Have a great week everypup!

Love & Licks,

Another Pawty!

I'm just waiting for Ruby to pick me up on her awesome jet! We'll be at Asta's & the 4XB's Cowboy Pawty in no time...I kept asking Ruby if her airlines had a dress know what happens to skimpy clad girls on Southwest, right? Anyway, I hope she lets me on in my little pink bikini...its a little experiment of sorts...I couldn't find any pink chaps anyway....

See you at the Cowboy Pawty! GIDDY-UP!

Love & Licks,

Sunday, September 23, 2007


Happy Randay Everypuppy! Wow...I am absolutely pooped! Today's Randay has been a lot of rest & a little rambunctiousness....I watched the moved RUDY with my peoples...what a good story!
Then Winston & I played tackle & wrestle & rip-em-arms-off with my velcro Froggy..
Mr. Froggy velcored himself to Winston's head! I ripped it off though...not Winston's head..Mr. Froggy!~ I'll definately let you know when I get the chance to rip Winston's head will be an amazing post!
And this is how I'm spending the rest of Randay...napping & watching football with my dad while he rubs my belly...On this Randay, I am thankful I had the chance to lick the roof of my mom's mouth with my tongue this morning while I was laying by her when she yawned....Who knew peoples mouth roofs were so smooth?

Love & Licks,

Saturday, September 22, 2007

..That's the way..uh huh, uh huh, I like it, uh huh, uh huh...

I'm getting ready for the Disco Pawty at Penny & Lola's....I'm going to bring along this disco ball & we can put it on the ceiling of Stanley's Pawty Bus & dance the whole time we are driving!
This is the very revealing outfit I wanted to wear...I like orange very much, but unfortunately, I'm not skinny enough to wear it yet...maybe next time....Here is a pup who looks a lot like my friends Morgan & Matilda in Minneapolis..I'll post about them later...
Here's what I ended up wearing...its not as groovy as the orange number but it will have to do.
..I hope I can dance all night in these boots...I have this song in my head & I can't get it out..."That's the way, uh huh, uh huh, I like it, uh huh, uh huh.... See you all at the pawty! Thank you Penny & Lola...
Love & Licks,

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Pawing it Forward...

Wally was kind enough to extend to me the honor of the coveted "I (heart) YOUR BLOG! award...Thank you my dear friend...I am honored. I shall pick the following blogs for the following reasons....Pippa - cuz he's handsome & Ike, Tasha & Eva & Suki Sumo - cuz they are all from the Twin Cities! My ole stomping & pooping ground! Thanks again, Wally!

Love & Licks,

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Here Ye Here Ye - Calling all LABRAMIXERS.....

Hey Everypuppy! I've been thinking - its about time we have a Labramixers club...seems like so many doggies are a mix of Lab & something else & I'd like to know if you want to join my new club..THE LABRAMIXERS! No worries if you are a pure breed or a mix of something else that isn't lab cuz membership is still open to all...I think we all know labs are not that discriminate anyway & to make the club exclusive - well, there would be a whole lotta butt sniffing that just wouldn't be had...

So, to get started - Wally is Lab & Corgi, aka Corgidor, Sophie is Lab & Chesapeake Bay Retreiver, aka Chesapeakeador, Shadow is a Lab & Bloodhound, aka Bloodador, Marvin is a Lab & Collie, aka Collieador.....mmmm, help me out here...who am I missing?

That's as far as I've gotten....I'll need to think of membership benefits & stuff like that....I better take a nap & sleep on it!

Love & Licks,

Sunday, September 16, 2007


Happy Randay Everypuppy! It's a great day so far! I've been sunning by back half in the yard...I don't want my face to get too much sun...have to worry about wrinkles when you are my age...
Then it was naptime - Today I chose my pink flamingo - Pinky- to nap with me. She didn't nap though...she thought getting her picture taken was quite fun...I slept through it all...
Then a little quality time with my rawhide bone...I like to lick, lick, lick until it gets soft & then, my mom has to rip it from the carpet, cuz its all gooshy & yucky & then it sticks like glue to the floor..& its smelly, I might add...but they taste so good!
Stanley requested a booty shot of me since my weight it is, not that great..but you can see my svelte little waist! I've never had a waist before...
Here is a side angle view...I still look a bit Biggest Loser Vet Coach says maybe 10 more pounds to go....Hmmm...then I'll have a beach blanket bikini party to celebrate & you'll all be invited!

On this Randay, I am thankful that the Brat Pack's grandmother adopted a beautiful Bloodador (lab/bloodhound) named Shadow. She is an absolute beauty!

Love & Licks,

Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Biggest Loser - Doggie Style

Guess what...I've been faithfully eating my reduced calorie food with carrots 3 times a day. Sure, it gets a bit boring sometimes, but being able to feel MY ribs is better (ok..almost...well, not really...) than eating a bunch of BBQ'd ribs......mmmmmmm....ribs... (I'm winking at my new boyfriend Pippa in this pic!)
& I stepped on the big scale at The Biggest Loser Vet Office today & I am 100 pounds! So far, I've lost 18 pounds...
AND...I'm going to be their spokes-doggy for their nutrition program! I had a sort of photo shoot (ok...the nutritionist had a digital camera handy) & they took snapshots of my now very slender waist....& my lovely lady rump...which is looking mighty perky these days.... They have a conference coming up & will be showing pictures of me! I think that's pretty neat..Move over Kiriste Alley...there's a new girl in town!

Love & Licks,

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Before I begin, since today is quite a day that we should remember for every day after mom & I would like to bow our heads in memory of this day....
OK- I've been trying to learn more about the crazy game of football thanks to my good coach Wally. I decieded I like the Minn-e-soda Gophers cuz my mom went to college there... So I tried to take some toys & make my own team & see what happens...I divided the Chic-a-dees on one side & the Cuz & my smily face squeekers on the other... The Chick-a-dees look cute & all, but boy, they don't listen & are quick & don't like to follow the rules...I don't know what the rules are yet, but they needed a good munching on...I had to play ref & it wasn't pretty...
Then the orange smily face squeeker was causing some trouble & out came my fangs & I threw that little squeeker down on the ground...I thought this was supposed to be football, not wrasslin?
Turns out the football itself wasn't touched at all....maybe I need to trade some players....anyone have any ideas? I guess it would have been a lot more fun if my mom would have spread some treats on the floor & pretended it was like a real game... I think I just want to be a cheerleader instead...I'll just look pretty on the sidelines....

Love & Licks,

Sunday, September 9, 2007


Happy Randay Everypuppy! Just for those who are new to my blog (since I finally super-glued my secretary/mom's butt to the chair & made her show me lots more blogs of other doggies & leave messages of adoration) every Sunday is RANDAY - a day that I get to do whatever the heck I feel like doing...This morning I took my pet boa constricter- his name is Barney - outdoors for a little sunshine & he ended up wrapping himself around my neck! It was only to snuggle - so no worries! I could have taken him down anyday!
Then my mom gave me a new blue cow stuffie! I named him Mr. Blue Cow. Here I am listening to the rules of Mr. Blue Cow set forth by by mom....lets see...what did her jibber-jabber mean..? Oh yes..try not to discomboobulate the new stuffie for a few least....
Here I am making him feel safe & a few days he will magically explode by mean of SSS - aka - Shaken Stuffie Syndrome.
The it was bathtime....I know..AGAIN! But I find my weekly baths during the itchy months pretty tolerable... Here I am telling my faithful rubber ducky a few secrets....He better keep his beak shut!
My mom swears she didn't add any styling gel or pomade at the end of my spa treatement...I look pretty fuzzy...that's my newfie side...

All in all - it was a great Randay...I also went on 2 walks & left lots of pee-mail... I encourage you all to celebrate Randay!

On this Randay, I am thankful that the weather has cooled down & that I'm not leaving puddles of panting slobber on the tile floor that eventually turns into a slip & slide for my mom...somehow, she doesn't think its all that fun when she slips & then slides....she's weird.

Love & Licks,

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Hey! I'm Still Here!

Hello - my mother/secretary has really been slacking should see my IN box for my blog enteries...its about 2 feet high....I think I'm going to give her a written warning if I can only find someone to write the warning for me....
Luckily the weather has been very nice & breezy here & I'm enjoying the change... I've been spending my time working on my Ran-Tan & chasing tennis balls & napping of course...not always in that order. I'm hoping I can guilt my mom into a car trip to the local ice cream store or pet store this afternoon....she really needs to make up for her lack of committment & take this posting job seriously.....Ok...back to napping!

Love & Licks,

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Scatter-Gorries Taggories

Sherman, Penny & Lola over on Jackman Ave tagged me last week to do the fun Scatter-Gorries here are my answers...

My name is RANDI

1. Famous Singer: Ray Charles

2. Four letter word: Rats

3. Street: Rosita

4. Colour: Red

5. Gifts/Presents: Randi-Candi

6. Vehicle: Range Rover

7. Things in a Souvenir Shop: Rollaids

8. Boy Name: RALPHIE! (get it? Ralphie & Randi from A Christmas Story! MY FAVORITE!)

9. Girl Name: Rita

10. Movie Title: Ratatoolie

11. Drink: Red Bull

12. Occupation: Roofer

13. Celebrity: Raquel Welch

14. Magazine: Readers Digest

15. U.S. City: Richmond, VA

16. Pro Sport: Reel fishing

17. Fruit: Raspberries

18. Reason for Being Late for Work: Retched up

19. Something You Throw Away: Rotton Rutabaggas

20. Things You Shout: RUFF!

21. Cartoon Character: Rockie (& Bullwinkle)
Now I tag YOU if your middle name starts with R!~
Love & Licks,

Monday, September 3, 2007

Double Dose of RANDAY!

Happy Double Randay! I'm having a great day so far! Last night my peoples & I went on a nice long walk & I came across a wonderful smushy ball that was just my size! I was scoping out the area in the pic above & making sure no one was watching...then I chomped down & whisked it away...
I carried it for a bit & them my dad said to "Paw It Forward"...just like when you go to someone else's blog & make a new I reluctantly agreed & let the ball go...for another puppy to come along & have a nice suprise.
Here I am....leaving the wonderful smushy, squishy ball behind...*sigh*.....
After I woke up this morning I wasted no time playing with my are some of my favorite tiny happy face squeekers...they are fantastic to play with....I think I have 3 of them..but I'd like more...wonder how many I can get in my big mouth...?
Here I am on a walk this morning...I'm walking my dad - & the submissive clip end of the leash is attached to him & I have the important loop part...I'm being a bit stern with him cuz he doesn't want to turn around & go the short way home....
After a while, I give in...can't make those humans listen to you all the time....
Here I am working on my worries...I'm completely covered in SPF (sun protection fur) of one billion....Look at the nice orchids that are in the front of me...I wonder if my mom would miss them if I accidently ate one.... Currently as my mom/secretary is typing up this post, I am relaxing in front of two fans that are keeping my back & underbelly nice & cool...later this afternoon I'm going to Winston's house for a RANDAY BBQ....
On this Randay, I am thankful that my peoples turn on the air conditioner in the bedroom when we sleep at night....& the 2nd thing I'm thankful for (remember - 2 Randays!) is the attention Archie the Newfoundland the Therapy Dog is getting to raise money for his surgery....go to Nanook & Pookas blog for info.
Love & Licks,

Sunday, September 2, 2007


Happy Randay Everypuppy~! I hope you are all enjoying the fantastic long weekend....& thank you WALLY for reminding me to clairify the rules of Randay...if there is a holiday that falls either a day before or a day after Randay, then the designated Randay becomes a 48-hour celebration! WHOOO! I'll post more tomorrow of my awesome 2-day Randay adventure..but I'll wet your whistle a bit & let you see a pic of me in the buff getting a bath this afternoon - it was quite pleasant actually - its been very hot here & the cool water was quite refreshing...

Have a fantastic 48-hour Randay Extravaganza!

Love & Licks,