Monday, December 30, 2013


December 30, 1999 - October 7, 2013
Our Sweet Randi left us at the beginning of October.  I've tried various times to write this post & couldn't.  But today is her birthday and I know she would want all of you to know where to send her birthday wishes to.  Look to the sky & wish on a star tonight.  She is up there - running and playing at Rainbow Bridge with her brother Dublin, Wally, Mango and so many other wonderful friends she met through this blog.   
 Randi was our heart & soul.  She was the best little girl you could ever hope for.  She was clever, intelligent, sensitive and patient.  She was an old soul and you could see in her eyes the depth of her understanding.  We are grateful that we were blessed with her presence in our lives for almost 13 years.  We will miss her forever. 
Happy Birthday Baby Girl.  Our hearts ache from your absence.  We will love you forever. 

Love, Mom, Dad & Quincy