Friday, August 31, 2007

'CUZ its Friday!

Look what my dad brought home with him today - A CUZ! A Good Cuz - 'cuz I'm a good puppy.
Its the large size, but luckily enough my mouth is even bigger so I can capture it & hold the Cuz hostage...
I look quite svelte in this pic, don't I? Must be the camera angle...or maybe the fact that I'm using model techniques & sucking in my gut...& the junk in my trunk...
I like its feet..its stays put when I'm done squeeking it. Good Cuz! My dad bought my cousin Winston a smaller BAD CUZ cuz he's coming over tonight to play...I bet I can get BOTH of them in my mouth....not Winston, the Cuz'zzzz (plural)...but I'd like to get Winston in my chops & teach that pip-squeek a lesson.... Let's hear it for the CUZ!

Love & Licks,

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Dedicated to Dublin

Its been 5 months ago today since my big brother Dublin crossed over to Rainbow Bridge & boy do I miss him like crazy. He was the one that people always stopped & asked, "Do you have a saddle for that thing?!!" He was the attention getter - people always stopping us and asking what kind of dog he was & how much he weighed....I don't blame them- he was gigantic & very attractive - but, I would rather have the brains any 'ole day...which I clearly have. He was bigger & had quite the intimidation factor...but my mom always joked that if our house would have ever been broken into, Dublin would have brought the intruder a stuffed animal & and told the bad guy to just take whatever he wanted & leave his toys...Luckily, I was always there as backup. As Dublin's favorite vet stated, "He's devastatingly handsome..." As the picture above is sheer proof.
Here are some flowers that we received after he went to Rainbow Bridge...My mom dried them & buried them in the yard under a special spot Dublin always liked to relax.
Here Dublin is playing in the leaves...He loved living in MN with all the changes in the season - except the summer one..that one is horrible. But fall, winter & spring...especially winter - that was his favorite. Dublin was named after my mom's favorite city in the world, Dublin, Ireland & fittingly so, as he was adopted on March 17, 2000.
Dublin was always (well, most of the time) willing to share his toys with me. My mom always found stuffed animals that were "our" size..meaning the super jumbo size you always want to win at the fair or carnival when you go...that's "our" size!
Here we are at Como Lake in beautiful St. Paul, MN. We lived near the lake & walked it at least a couple times a day & made many four-legged & two-legged friends. My mom used to call him Sponge Dub Lead Pants (like Sponge-Bob) because getting Dublin to walk was like pulling a mule. But if a cute blonde girl was running past us on the trail, he would speed up and follow her. A real ladies man!
Ah - the wonderful beaches of San Deigo. Dublin was always more of a beach nut that I ever was. I like water that is puddle deep. Dublin loved to crash into the waves & surf. He loved the water & would always seem to make a big poopie in the water...much to my mom & dad's horror. The bigger horror was watching the waves bring it back in! Dublin was quite proud of himself when this happened.
Our mom & pop always called us "two peas in a pod" and that we were. I was his shadow - whether he liked it or not. I always wanted to be near him & would follow him where ever he went - unless of course it was to the deep part of the ocean... I learned many bad habits from Dublin, like wiping my face on the carpet & couches after I ate & ripping apart stuffed animals & kicking my feet into the lawn after I pee-peed.
Even though I annoyed Dublin sometimes, I know he loved me. Our favorite games to play were bitey-face craziness & all out knock 'em down wrassin'. Even though he had a good 25 pounds on me, I usually could throw him down...ok, not often...but it happened once or twice. We never wanted to be seperated and rarely were...except when we somehow got on the other side of the fence from eachother...sheer torture!
Here we are accidently sharing the same bed at night time. Dublin layed down first cuz the blue one was his bed & I decided I wanted to share the bed with him. I think he eventually kicked me & I went on my red bed. My mom wants to say that this situation only happened once & she was very happy to capture it on film.
This is the last pic of us together a couple of days before he went to Rainbow Bridge. You can see the shaved areas on his right shoulder from a bone marrow biopsy & the areas on his arm from needles & stuff. He was pretty tired towards the end, but still wanted to play when he had a bit of energy. He had a kidney disease that he managed quite well, but it was an auto-immune disease that took over - he wasn't making red or white blood cells or platelets anymore. Someday my mom will post the story of Dublin & our adoption tales on my blog...and how he took so many pills I'm quite suprised he didn't go to rehab, but not today....she is weepy & just wants to rest. Losing something you love so much is physically & emotionally exhausting she says...even five months later....
I wish you all could have known my big brother. He was an absolute goofball & the master of trickery. I miss him so.
Love & Licks,
If tears could build a stairway, and memories a lane,
I'd walk right up to heaven and bring you home again.
-author unknown-

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Name Game Craziness!

Wow! My 2nd Tag! Eddie (of Eddie & Peaches & Bella ) tagged me to do the name game!

1. Post the rules before you give the facts. (Listen up Pups, these are the Rules!!)
2. List one fact that is somehow relevant to you and your life for each letter of your middle name. If you don’t have a middle name, use the middle name you would have liked to have had.
3. When you are tagged you need to write your post using your middle name and facts about it.
4. At the end of your post choose one dog to tag for each letter of your middle name. Be sure to let each puppy know she/he has been tagged. (It’s ok if you don’t do this, just tag who you want to tag!).

S - S stands for SWEET PEA - the first nick-name by daddy christened me cuz I am so very sweet - like RANDI-CANDI!

U - U stands for Uber Smart - cuz I am very intelligent & like to use trickery to get what I want.

E - E stands for Easy-Going - I don't like drama...not my is too short to busy yourself with silly stuff.

& a special shout out to my favorite neighbor Suzanne for giving me my middle I am named after a wonderul lady who is the bestest doggie mommy to 3 terriers...a cairn terrian named Lulu - a west highland terrier named Jack (I call him Jackaroonie) & a scottish terrier named Stuart.

Let's see...I tag Russell (a new addition to DWB) , I tag Bella & Survivor (the 600th DWB) & I tag Nanook & Pooka

Let the tagging begin!~
Love & Licks,

Monday, August 27, 2007

Tag-A-Long Monday

Did you know that Perfect Tosca tagged everybody concerning a joke about how their breed would change a lighbulb? Well, since I'm half Black Lab & half Newfoundland & the description for labs was WAY too energetic to resemble me, I would like you all to look up & refer back to main photo of me on my blog ...that's what I would do...stare at it 'till my mom did something about it.

AND Lorenza tagged me (my very first personal tag - muchas gracias, mi amiga!) about what my favorite foods are & my mom's favorite foods are. So I christen today, Tag-A-Long Monday!

Here I am waiting for my meal with a huge rumble in my tummy- its a combo of dry food, wet food & baby carrots! There are pictures at the end of exactly what this stuff is, but my secretary-mom is too silly to figure out how to move pics in the right order. Anyway, this is the magic potion that I eat three times a day & continue to lose weight! Since its what I have to eat, nutritionist orders, I have no choice but to list it as a is quite yummy nonetheless.
Mmmmm...down the hatch & into my tummy!
Water - another favorite - since nothing tastes better after a long walk or romping & rolling & acting crazy in the yard. Although, I need to drink more water...nutritionist orders.
FROSTY PAWS! Super yummy! My secretary-mom still needs to do the homemade ones...
How many licks does it take to get to the bottom of a Frosty Paw?
Ok - this is probably my absolute favorite! McDonald's Cheese Burgers! Now, don't fret doggie mommies....I only get this VERY special treat about 3-4 times a year. And no onions or mom actually let me have a very small piece - meat & bread only - from this delectable treat...otherwise she was a big greedy piglet & ate the rest of it...what happened to not letting humans beg for our food?
Here is the magic potion - about 1 cup Royal Canin Reduced Calorie Dry Food & 1/4 can of the wet version & about 10 baby carrots...
Breakfast....Lunch......Dinner..... I like eating 3 meals a day.... I'm a Lady that Lunches~! Maybe I need to start a Ladies that Lunch offense to you boys...sometimes we all need a little girl time!
There you have it! Oh....and another NEW favorite....WALLYMELON! Those pics are from yesterday!
Oh, yea...I guess I need to list my mom's favorites too...OK...her favorites are onion rings with lots of ranch dressing & ketchup, chocolate & peanutbutter together, brushetta with lots of balsamic vinegar, French Onion Sun Chips & strawberries & Wallymelon (we have lots in common) & to offset all the junk food she loves, salads.....with croutons & sunflower seeds...
Oops! was it only supposed to be 5 foods each? Oh is such a wonderul topic, how can I limit myself?
Love & Licks,

Sunday, August 26, 2007


Happy Randay, everypuppy! Today started off pretty great...a long walk, breakfast, a nice long nap, another long nap, & then my mom said I needed to do something about my flaky skin - yep...more itchies..but not that I was dragged outside for yet another bath! *Sigh* At least the water was cool & the sun was it wasn't the worst bath I've had...and I had a very relaxing rump & shoulder massage.
Then I had lunch & for dessert my mom cut the big green ball in half. At didn't think it was one of my toys, but it could have been! Just my size!
Not too sure what it is, but my mom explained to me it was Wallymelon! I've heard lots about it, but I have never tried it!
Here is my very first taste of Wallymelon to my eager & awaiting chops.
And my second taste....
Then we decided to do a little arts & crafts activity & I carved the letters all by myself!

Happy Randay, Wally! I hope you & everyother puppy is having a pawsome Randay! I think I'm going to spend the remainder of my day drying off by rubbing my fuzzy self on the carpet & couches & then take another nap & then play with my tennis balls, take another walk...I must keep my girlie figure & then dinner & at last bed! On this Randay I am thankful I have had my first taste of Wallymelon!
Love & Licks,

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I'm Feeling HOT HOT HOT!

I've been making good use of my Chilly Bone....its makes a wonderful head cooler....I've been asking my mom for one of those neato hankie things that have a cooling thingy that goes around your neck & keeps you cool...only thing is I can't find my size! But this is what I've been doing lately...chillin' with my Chilly Bone... Even my blankie outside gets too hot in the I've been taking advantage of the chilly tile floors too...oh... and the fans....I love the fans...

Sunday, August 19, 2007


HAPPY RANDAY! & what a great day it is! I told my mom I wanted to play with tennis balls & other squeeky balls & thats what we've done all day! Play - Play - Play! I love it! I even got in a little roaching action (thanks to Wally for the new word to my vocab) & I'm showing everyone my belly! I think I'm going to take a nap with my mom cuz she's kind of tired too & then play with my friend Winston & maybe get my chilly bone out of the freezer cuz its still kind of hot here...

I hope everyone has a fantastic Randay and doing exactly what they want to do today! Thanks to everyone who told me what their ulimate Randay would be like! On this Randay, I am thankful that I am eating 3 meals a day & still losing weight! I love those carrots!

Love & Licks,

Friday, August 17, 2007

Look the Other Way....

Yeah..its Friday...which means its almost RANDAY! Can't wait....I want to see how many pups would like to celebrate RANDAY with me on Sunday (aka Randay)... Tell your peeps you need the day off & they need to be at your beg & call....tell me what your ultimate RANDAY would be like!

Love & Licks,

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Shop 'Till I Drop

My lovely lady rump is getting mom caught me a couple times trying to munch on it yesterday & out came the floatation device. But I have been known to use quite a bit of trickery around the house - so I kept slipping my head out of it & left that silly blue thing on the my mom packed me up in the car & we went back to the store where she bought the stupid thing...The sizing chart said I should have an extra-large...but since my head is kind of small in comparison to the rest of my body, I returned it for a! A Large! Must be all the weight I'm losing...

Then I was able to browse around the store...I found lots of wonderful things...yummy treats, an entire aisle with only tennis balls! I asked my mom to buy them all for me & she said I put her on a time out & just walked away...that's how you have to displine those humans now & then. I found a replica of Nanook's favorite squishy ball & a cookie filled display that was just my height! Now why would they display those delicious cookies so close to my mouth if they didn't want me to eat them? I tried, but my mom kept pulling me away...I was able to munch on a couple before my mom felt guilty & bought a few more...HA HA! That trickery worked!
I was outfitted with the large floatation device when I arrived home & it actually made a nice pillow! After all that, I napped in front of the fan & had a bit of cookie when I woke up...that's the & cookies!
Love & Licks,

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Ahoy Mate!

Ok - so my mom followed through on her threat...but thankfully (if I have any reason to be thankful at all....) its not a cone collar...its a Pro-Collar...but they should just call it a "blow-collar"...cuz wearing this thing just blows!

My rump is better....thank you to everyone who offered a bit of insight & advice...I really only get hotspots in July & August when the weather here turns a bit fuzzy undercoat sheds & it doesn't completely fall it gets stuck & then it itches & then I itch it & you know where I'm going with the rest of the story. Its my mom's fault..she needs to brush me better so this doesn't happen.... Plus - we don't have air was never a problem before, but San Diego has been getting warmer & sticker - or so I've noticed.

So, no - I'm not going swimming, I'm not going sailing, I haven't just failed the (1/2) Newfie Water Rescue Test...but if it suddenly decides to rain here in this rain-less part of the world & I fall in a need to worry about me!

Love & Licks,

PS...My mom let me have a new stuffie toy yesterday with all the trama I endured...a dolphin! THE IRONY!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Oops, I Did it Again....

I spoke too soon yesterday....last night I was a bit restless & itchy, so I deceided to bite & lick a new hotspot into my a couple areas, actually. The biggest area is about 2 inches by 3 inches & boy, is it driving me crazy. Its driving my mom crazy too. Not a fun morning so far, cuz out came the diluted solution of hydrogen peroxide, the gentocin spray & the sissors (no worries, all procedures cleared by my vet). So now I have to get lathered up again & have a foamy bath with the Pyoben Shampoo & then maybe some Epi-Soothe & then get me dry completey using the hair blower...hate that thing. Oh...when you think it can't get any worse, she's threatened the cone-collar on me...but I'm hoping she'll look into some alternatives...cuz those things are embarassing... But its really not my fault....its kind of hot & sticky here & I'm shedding my thick (half) newfie fuzzy undercoat....& I'm just uncomfortable..... *sigh* .....I miss winter.
Love & Licks,


Monday, August 13, 2007

Open Up & Say "AHHHH"

This morning I had to go to the mom thought I might have had a bad tooth...Its a bit embarrassing to admit, but my breath has been a bit stinky for the last couple weeks & even with regular brushing...(not too fond of that) it just didn't seem to clear up....Plus, I had a bit of a hot spot on my tushie-rump that my mom has been nursing with Phyoben Shampoo & Gentocin Topical Spray...& I'm happy to say the redness is almost gone...but my mom won't let me out of her sight for fear I'll start itching & biting it again...I begged her not to put a cone-collar on I guess I'll be her prisoner for a bit longer...but I think the joke is on her, cuz I give her lots of sad stares & magically she stops what she is doing for hugs & cuddles & kisses...she's so whipped!

So off in the car I went..I love car rides...but then we pulled up to the vet & I was a bit nervous - you can see it in my eyes, cuz you never know whats going to happen at the vet, right? Luckily, everyone there is absolutely pawsome. My brother Dublin was treated there when his conditions became too severe for our regular vet to treat...I like to call it the Mayo Clinic for K-9's here in San Diego. My mom took a picture of me next to a picture of Dublin - who is the angel guardian of the treat jar on the counter. Its the perfect place for him...the only thing that is missing is the puddle of slobber he used to leave on the floor...Oh yeah, my tooth..its fine! So good news all around & the best news of all..I lost another pound! YEP, 105 BABY!
Love & Licks,