Sunday, August 5, 2007


Guess what today is....It's RANDAY!!!!!! My favorite day of the week. Today's the day I get to do anything I want....My dad played 'hide & seek' with me for quite some time this morning. I'm getting pretty good at it. You should see my tail wag like a propeller when I find him. Silly human...I usually wander around the hallway & peek in & out of different rooms....that way, my dad thinks he found a really good spot & is being very clever...Little does he realize that I'm just too nice to find him right away....I know where he is...I can smell him a mile away!

Then it was a nice game of fetch...I don't think they know I've rewritten the rules yet, cuz they just don't get it when I dont' give it back...they throw it, I fetch it & then find a nice place far away from them. They they come crawling & begging back to me & its then I usually have a bunch of fingers prying open my mouth...Again, the trick is on them...they just keep doing it over & think they would learn by now.

One thing I am thankful for on the RANDAY is all the new friends I'm meeting on DWB. Have a great RANDAY!

Love & Licks,



Tasha & Eva said...

Hey Randi,
Thanks for stopping by our blog. Can we add you to our "Dogs with lots to say" on our sidebar? That will help our dog pals find you.


Peanut said...

Randay sounds like a fun day. :) DWB friends are the best aren't they? Want to be my friend?

Ferndoggle said...

Randy!!! You are so totally cool, dude. You remind me a bit of myself and my Best Buddy Wally T. Corgador!!

Wanna join the BBB (Big Boned Black) Dogs club???