Monday, February 22, 2010

A Burpday/Adopteration Tribute To Wally

Here I am thinking about how much I miss my Wally-Tamale. Today is his burpday - 7 years since he adopterated his Ma-Ape.... & 7 years of PURE BLISS...Here is my tribute to him. I miss you Wally!

Please go & wish the Ma-Ape & the Peppy Sheppy's a happy adopteration day! They have some vintage Wally videos that are sure to make the good ole internetty crash with a chaos of traffic!

Love & Licks,

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Wallentine's Day

Happy Wallentine's Day honor of Wally....& since it's also RANDAY...its an UBER celebration...I had my mom pluck this piccy out of the oldie - but a goodie...Just like Wally.

On this Wallentine's / Randay - I'm thankful for all the DWB-ers who have sent Wally's Ma-Ape & the Peppy Sheppy's lots of love during this sad time.


Love & Licks,

Friday, February 12, 2010


Wings Granted on 2-12-2010
Until I see you again, my Dear Wally-Tamale...Your heart was just too big- because everyone you met, you took a little piece of their hearts...& I know cuz you have my entire heart...We are devestated... We are sending so much love to your momma-ape & peppy-sheppys... There are no more words...WE LOVE YOU WALLY.