Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Celebrities in New(f) Jersey...

Ok...So here's the deal...Two weeks ago I was stuck with my cousin Winnie the Ninny for four whole days...& WHY, you ask, was I in this predicament?
Cuz my peoples flew across the big USA to hang out in Atlantic City & putz around & eat yummy foodables & drink fun drinkables by pools like the pic above...
Then my mom/secretary was all drooly over this guy...Jacques Torres...of the Jacques Torres Chocolate fame...Eh?...& why would I care about that? ...I can't even eat chocolate anyway...BORING!!!!!! She even had a couple pictures taken with the nice French chocolate chap...here he is demonstrating how to build a chocolate castle for Halloween...BLECH!
& then there was this dude on the right...Mario Lopez...hosting some fashion show & dinner...They only thing I like about him is that he hosts that funny animal trick show on tv...I'm sure I could get on that show...my doga moves are mad crazy!...yet again...nothing to hold my attention...maybe if he would have had a dog fashion show...now that would be something worth keeping my eyes open for...
& then they saw this guy ...Some comic named Jerry Steinfeld... & sat in the audience so close you could spit on him & hit him on the forehead.... YAWN*....*YAWN*....*YAAAWWWNNNN*................
& I'm sure you'd like to know what I did HOME ALL ALONE? Well, I started my own tree & shrub trimming service! ...I specialize in jasmine...the smellier the better....I uprooted two adult plants & shaved them with my teethers to a stubby nub!...Fine work if I do say so myself...I think I had a bit of an inkling that some sort of info was being kept from me...A top secret meeting of DWB CELEBRITIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
& LOOKIE HERE! That's my mom/secretary with those handsome Newfie Jersey boys!& Here is my dad with Nanook & Pooka!
Aw!!! They are just so handsome! I hope my mom/secretary didn't slobber on the both of you too much...& thank you for the bully sticks! I love them...

Love & Licks,

**P.S.** Randi's Mom/Secretary here...A big *THANKYOU* to the Mama & Papa of Nanook & Pooka for letting us drool over your handsome boys! They are more regal, more debonair, more gigantic (!) than we could have ever imagined! Our visit with you all was such a treat & to meet Nanook & Pooka was incredible!

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Happy Randay Everybody! Geez...someone remind me how to be mean (Grrr!) & fire my mom/secretary from her job...its been 2 weeks since my last Randay post! Even though she's begging my forgiveness, she says she has a very legit excuse & explaination which she promises to post in the next few days...ANYWAY...Look at this double rainbow! It rained a few sprinkles a couple of days ago & this is what I found in my backyard!
& Lookie here! Its me! & a rainbow! RANDI & THE RAINBOW! Sounds like a children's book to me...
On this Randay, I'm thankful that I get to see rainbows - probably more often than I get to see my blog updated... =(

Love & Licks,
***UPDATE*** Randi's Mom/Secretary here...I was just helping Randi comment on Murphy's blog & then reading Dexter's comment about how there must be a reason for such a pretty rainbow...well, I realized that these Rainbow pics were taken (not two days ago like I wrote above but) exactly two weeks ago on Sept. 29, 2009 - the two & a half year anniversary of Randi's brother/littermate Dublin's crossing to Rainbow Bridge...& the two year anniversary of my stepdad's funeral as well - I know Dublin & my stepdad are looking down on us still - & sent a double rainbow for everyone to enjoy!