Sunday, July 4, 2010

ITS RANDAY! & The 4th of July!

Happy Randay & 4th of July everybody! Its been almost TWO MONTHS since my mom/secretary has posted...& above is how I feel about being neglected...BOOOOO!
& Lookie here...Look at the little thief who has been stealing all my mom/secretary's time...Here we are about to nom on some Wallymelon...
Quincy's first taste of Wallymelon..NOMNOMNOM!
Oh! He likes it...surprise, surprise...He eats anything...
Look at that big mouth...I bet a whole watermelon could fit in his big noggin trap...
& here is ME! A Wallymelon pro~! Look at my dangling flooger! I AM AWESOME!
Happy Randay & Happy 4th of July everybody!
Love & Licks,