Sunday, May 9, 2010


Happy Randay Everybody! Ok...there is another holiday today but I'm NOT celebrating it...cuz my mom/secretary has not updated my bloggy in over a month...her excuse? This Big 'Ole Monkey Stick above...Don't be fooled by his innocent little face...he is a thief! A time thief! Steals all my mom/secretary's time so she can't update my bloggy....& to that I say, boooo!
I've been trying to help out - keep him out of trouble by keeping him on a *very* short leash - which is attached at one end to my mouth...But he's a wiggly little dude...& doesn't sit still long...
So for all you that actually *care* about this Monkey Stick that was brought home to me - He's now five & a half months old & weighs over 75 pounds. Mind you, I'm a nice & sleek 88 pounds - Soon he will be bigger than me...Grrr!
Do not be impressed with his gargantuan sized stomach & gargantuan paws...He's still a wee baby & acts like one...My mom tells me he's an infant in an 8th graders body...& that I need to be patient...Do I look patient? NO!
But, today I had the last laugh - See, since he's a big porkerbelly & slips & slides all over the floors & in his baby crib/crate, my mom bought him a special anti-skid mat...but he doesn't even know how to use it! Ah hahaha!!!

Happy Mother's Day to all you fabulous dog-mommies out there that actually help your fur-children with the 'puter. Maybe next year I will be more generous & give my mom more than a big YAWN.

Love & Licks,