Wednesday, December 30, 2009


HAPPY 9th BURPDAY TO ME!!! Ok, so my peoples totally cheated & took a piccy of my birthday party from LAST YEAR to put on my bloggy today...but that's only cuz they flew home from MINNIE-SODA today & didn't have enough time to organize a gigantic burpday party in my honor...I think my party festivities will be postponed till this RANDAY so, I have all my paws crossed for a special day!

On my burpday, I am thankful for EVERYTHING...cuz I'm quite the lucky gal!

Love & Licks,

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Happy Holidays Everybody! I'm going to my deluxe doggie resort tomorrow! WHOO! I'm so excited! But I'm gonna miss my peoples too...They are leaving early for Minnie-Soda cuz a whopper of a blizzard is on its way on Christmas Eve when they were supposed to arrive...
So today has been spent packing & organizing & pretty much a state of chaos...
So here is a sampling of pics from my holiday photo shoot...
I ate cookies...LOTS & LOTS OF COOKIES!
I'll be back next week! I wish everyone a very happy & safe holiday season & I'm sending lots of love to all those who have had to say goodbye to their loved ones recently - doggie & we look to the skies & remember those who cannot be with us this holiday...

Love & Licks,

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Run Free Graham...

Run free - Graham Rabbit Riggins McGrey
It is with heavy hearts we look to the skies as another fellow DWB-er has crossed to Rainbow Bridge...Sophie La Bador's flat brother Graham has lost his fight with the wobblers & is now a bright star in the sky - no doubt a shooting star chasing after some type of rabbit constellation Rabbit Lepus...So if you see a shooting star directly south of Orion - you see Graham cuz he's chasing after Lepus!

We are sorry you didn't get to stay longer with the beautiful Miss Brador & her loving momma - We know you gave them lots of joy in the months you were with them...We are sending lots of love & healing licks their way...

Run free & catch that rabbit Graham!

Love & Licks,

Sunday, December 13, 2009

ITS RANDAY! - For My Wally!

Happy Randay Everybody! I'm gonna get right to it...Above is my favorite-est picture of my Boyfriend Wally & right now Wally needs everyone's good healing vibes cuz his ticker is working overtime cuz he has so much LOVE inside in his innards - that & some fluid that not supposed to be there! please - E*V*E*R*Y*B*O*D*Y - send Wally lots of good healing vibes...
I dug into my photo vault & pulled out a goodie...Here's me doing my best doga pose while enjoying some Wally Melon...

On this Randay - I'm eternally grateful for my WALLY!

I'm sending him all the love I can muster!

Love & Licks,

Friday, December 4, 2009

Holiday Card Bloopers...

Well, after a good bubble bath & a tummy full of bribery treats this afternoon, my mom/secretary just ordered 125 copies of my DWB Holiday Card online... Unfortunately, I was not given final approval of the photo chosen, so I'm going to show you my top five choices...My top choice was the amazing photo above...My tongue is pink & amazing...
My 2nd choice was this portrays exactly how I felt after I ate about 183 treats in the span of about 15 minutes...BLEH!
#3 - What did you say? I'm blocking the view of the tree? Whatever...
#4 - I am going to title this one..."I am indifferent"....I am art..."
#5 - somehow I was inch-ing forward & inch-ing forward trying to get the treat outta my mom/secretary/photographer's hand & I pushed her over...I think we all agree that she deserved it...

Love & Licks,

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

These are my indoor stuffies...& I have no clue how they got outside...Honest!!!

Love & Licks,