Sunday, August 12, 2007


Happy Randay everypuppy! What a great day so far! I was able to sleep in till about 8:30 this morning & roll over & wake my mom up by giving her a big kiss. I'm not allowed to open the fridge by myself, otherwise I would have made her breakfast in bed & woke her up that I guess that's her own fault.

After a nice meandering stroll around the neighborhood, I had a very nice breakfast & then decided to play with my new giraffe - I named him Raffy. Then Raffy & I & my stuffed bulldog...he doesn't have a name yet...decided to put our heads together & see what we should do next...Play a bit of tennis ball frenzy..of course!....that tuckered me out quite a it was off to nap-land I went....After a nice little siesta, it was only fitting that I should catch a bit of sunshine this afternoon, so I layed on my blanket with my pink bear...her name is Pinky. Then I was treated to an outdoor doggie massage...this is the life!

I think tonight will be a bit more of the same...dinner & living room massages... On this Randay, I am thankful for my waterbowl which is always full of nice cold ice water...& ice cubes...I love ice cubes. I hope you all had a great Randay!

Love & Licks,


Ferndoggle said...

What a perfect Randay!!! I think you should name the bulldog Balboa, after our favorite Frenchie!!

You have more tennis balls than Lola (and that little annoying white dog has a LOT of 'em!).

Oh & of course you can call me Shermie. You're in the BBBD...that comes with privledges.


Rowan The Dog said...

Nice day Randi!

My guardian has had a "cough" so she is staying inside and she insists that i stay in with her. I am trying to help her feel better.

Wish me luck


Spencer said...

Everyday should be Randay! You must be tired after all that activity, sweet dreams!

Pacco de Mongrel said...

so randi, ur having a great day playing around wit ur stuffie n then enjoy a little sun-tan

Tasha & Eva said...
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Tasha & Eva said...

Your pink bear looks like Ivy's guard bears. I think she has a blue and purple one.

Your can see them in a post back in March. Her link is our dog friends list.


wally said...

Ohmydog I love Randay! i love your pictures--you clearly love your toyables! I want to celebrate Randay.