Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Hello Dog Bloggers!

Hi Everyone!

I'm Randi ! I live in sunny San Diego, CA. I'm a black lab/newf mix. I look more like an over-grown lab, but with lots of fuzzy fur that seems to stick to everything. Many think I am a boy since my name is Randi, but I'm a cute little girl & my favorite color is pink. My mom told me today its time that I had my own blog...I'm not quite sure what it is, but as long as I make new friends, I'll be happy! You see, only 4 months ago, I lost my brother, my littermate, my partner-in-crime, the other "Pea-in-the-Pod" (according to my mom...) ..the one & only Dublin. I was his shadow & I loved him more than all my toys put together. He went to Rainbow Bridge after he battled a kidney disease and an autoimmune disease. Life has been pretty sad without him...He was 135 pounds and everyone said in comparion that I was the "little" one...Now that he is gone, everyone say's I'm the "big" one.....its then that I think to myself, if you only knew my big brother!

So please check back often & see what I'm doing!

Love & Licks,