Saturday, August 11, 2007

Dog Days of Summer

I haven't been doing much today & that is fine with me! I've been napping on my blanket outside in the sun & then I switch it up a bit & nap in the living room in front of the fan...Thankfully it hasn't been too hot here in San Diego...not like the rest of the country - YIKES! I hope you are all keeping cool! Chew on those Chilly Bones, nibble on the Wally Melon & lick those Frosty Paws - Its the Dog Days of Summer!

Love & Licks,


Anonymous said...

You are such a handsome dog Randi - the sunbaking sounds like a great way to pass the day!


Tasha & Eva said...

Yum...Frosty Paws.

But Momma is going to start making home-made ones. Something about too many chemicals, preservatives etc.


Tasha & Eva said...

We forgot to say that tomorrow is Randay!! Have anything special planned?

Stanley said...


It's sad, don't you think, when a dog from SoCal has to tell the rest of us to keep cool cuz we're melting in more heat than she is???

Enjoy the napping. I also like to splay my body across air conditioning vents in the floor for maximum cooling.

Goober love,

fee said...

hi randy, yoghurt and frozen cawwots are g8 too! stay cool!


Poppy said...

Hi Randi! Nice to meet you. I'm pretty new here too. I live in California too, but up north in the bay area. Even though you are 11.7 (seriously--Mommy did the math) times bigger than me, I promise not to get scared if you come visit my blog. :)


Spencer said...

Hi Randi, Napping is what it's all about, especially in the heat. Keep on napping!

wally said...

Yeah, why do they call these the dog days of summer when we are MOST MISERABLE at this time? Those apes NEVER make sense.


Peanut said...

Hey Randi I will be out on that side of the country in a couple weeks. To bad you don't live in Oregon instead of CA. Then we could visit.