Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Life Taken - A Life Saved...


For all of you haven't heard about Rosie the Newfoundland who what shot to death by police on November 7, 2010 in Des Moines, Washington when she escaped from her yard - you need to read the following: (GRRR! Blogger STILL isn't letting us link websites..GRRR! - so just cut & paste PLEASE!!!:

Here is a petition to sign:


& just when everyone has come out & said WHAT? A NEWFOUNDLAND? The most gentle creature out there? Well, thank goodness Murphy the Newfoundland in Roseville, MN just said - "ENOUGH TALK - I'LL PROVE IT!" So yesterday he goes & saves his 95 year old neighbor who had fallen and there was no one there to help her.

There is a huge lesson to be learned from all this - Police teams need to be trained on how to read dog behavior. Just as Murphy saved the life of his neighbor yesterday, Rosie can continue to save the lives of other dogs if we use her memory to demand change in the way police departments handle loose animal situations.

So Murphy in Minnesota - YOU ROCK!
& Dear Rosie - Run Free & may you never be scared again.

Love & Licks,


Mango said...

Oh Randi! What wonderful words. Yes, the humans just don't understand doggies and being big and scary looking can be a liability. I was so glad to see the heroic newfie story. I am still so sad about Rosie.


The Thundering Herd said...

Sadly, a similar event happened to a Siberian Husky just a few months ago and the off duty officer who shot and killed the dog just received probation and a small fine. Sigh.

We are totally with you on this one.

Pippa said...

Horrid stories. Bad humans.

Miss you Randi.

Pippa xx

Sierra Rose said...

Hi Randi! Nice to meet you :)
Thank you for this post. It has been a very strang yet deep occurance.
And....on another note! Can you send us your email so we can email you our holiday card?!?!? Just noticed the addendum to the x-mas card exchange and wanted to come over to greet you! Stop on by sometime :)

Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
Sierra Rose

Anonymous said...

Amen to this. There was a failure of training and procedure all up and down the line in Rosie's case. No officer would be allowed the discretion to shoot to kill if a human stranger was simply wandering in an unfamiliar part of town, even if the stranger was disoriented or aggressive. What's needed is a shift in thinking -- regarding dogs and other domestic animals as part of "the Public" that it's a policeman's duty to protect, not as a threat from which the Public must be protected.
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