Tuesday, February 12, 2008

More Junk in My Trunk...

This morning I had my chauffeur (aka mom/secretary) drive me to the vet...I've been eating a bit more for almost a month now & wanted to see what number was on the scale...This is my sly/bashful/innocent look above...
87.3 pounds! So I've gained about a pound...I think that's OK....hopefully I can still eat more... but I have a feeling the kitchen help (my mom) will cut back a teeny-tiny bit...I must figure out how to get the topper off of the food container & dine buffet style... I deserve a buffet every now & then for losing over 30 pounds!
I'm waiting for some treats after my weigh in...my brother Dublin is carefully watching over the treat jar with another very nice doggy that went to Rainbow Bridge...he was a kidney patient too.
Meet Anee (prounced like Annie)...She's a very pretty doggie that lives with her mom who is one of the nutritional people at UC Davis...Anee was being a guinea piggy today for the doggie cardiologist...they are looking at Anee's heart on the moniter...How cool is that! Anee is going to start training to be a search & rescue doggie...I know she's going to do great...
Here I am on my way home & enjoying the refreshing air & sunny day...I'm napping in the sun right now...I hope everyone else is keeping warm in the burrr cold weather that's everywhere but here..

Love & Licks,


Joe Stains said...

you definitely deserve a nice snack every now and then for losing all of that weight. I think you were probably just a little bloated when they weighed you and you probably didn't even gain a pound!

Sophie Brador said...

A pound isn't so bad. I regularly gain a pound and lose a pound, just for fun. But my mom is pretty stingy with the treats. I really think I deserve far more than I get.

Speaking of losing 30 lbs., my mom would sure like to do that. Maybe you can share your secrets with her.


The Brat Pack said...

It's just a pound...I don't think your food should be cut back for that! It could just be water weight. I don't know what that is but Mom says it a lot.

Besides, now you're 1 pound lighter than me so Mom might get more diet ideas. :(


Ferndoggle said...

Randi, one pound is nuthin'! It's probably all water weight anyway. You still look pretty smashing to me.


Lorenza said...

Hi, Randi!
Noooooo! diets noooooo! I know about them! Treat? what is that? I can't remember?
Kisses and hugs

Spencer said...

One pound? That's nothing! I was a tubby a long time ago and weighed a lot more but the humans keep mean lean now with lots of ball, BOL! I still try to sneak treats though!

Harry said...

A pound is nothing Randi, crack oopen that treat jar!

Toodle pip
Harry x

Katherine and Pippa, said...

Nobody round here gets weighed. I love you anyway.

Pippa xx

babyphat523 said...

Oh Randi, maybe their scale was cockeyed this time! You look still lovely!

I hope that there isn't too much protein in Bully sticks.

I believe you are right and Dublin and that special doggy are watching over us. It makes me happy to know it.

Much love,
Sus, Mo, Rube, Reb & Miss Chums
xo :)

Daisy said...

That scale must be wrong, because I could swear you look more slender! Next time you should go to the potty before you step on the scale. That might work.