Thursday, August 28, 2008

I've Been Bad...Very Bad...

Hey Everybody...I've been bad... My mom/secretary left me home alone for one hour yesterday while she had to go to a meeting...I suprised her when she came home - I took out my stitches in 2 of the incision sites! Great! No need to spend needless dollars at the vet...I can do it myself...thats the kind of independant gal I am...My mom didnt' think it was so funny, cuz on one area, I took them ALL out & it opened up the didn't feel good at back to the vet...& they put STAPLES in my leg! Like 10 of them! I wanted to post a pic of my new bionic leg, but my mom said it was too gross & I might make somepuppy sick... So then back at home - with the BLUE inflatable life raft around my neck...not fun...& then I decided it would be even MORE fun to take the staples out! I ate 3 staples...metal does not taste good...& isn't this stupid blue thing supposed to stop me from being bad?
So off in the car I the local pet store to get this very attractive green cone...It was funny for the first 3 minutes...& then I realized my mom wasn't taking it off...HEY!
I know this is a great color on me...but I don't want to wear it anymore...please?
This sucks...
Here is a little gift for Peanut's mom...A very handsome pic of Mr. Vincent D'Onofrio - he's on some tv show that my mom tapes. But he's also my mom's personal trainer...cuz she'll tape the show he's on & work out forever with him on the tv... & he is to blame for me ripping out my stitches...Had my dear mother been paying attention to me, instead of having a session with her personal trainer, I wouldn't be wearing a cone on my head...

Peanut also gave me the idea to do the NEEDS GAME...All you do is type in your name in google with 'needs' behind it - Here is what I need:

Randi NEEDS your help... (yes...please help me get the cone off of my head...)
Randi NEEDS at strike... (?)
Randi NEEDS to be admonished & taken off the air for awhile like Don Imus... (I guess I do have a potty mouth at times...)
Randi NEEDS to play along... (well, that's just no fun...)
Randi NEEDS our prayers... (yes, pray that I get this cone off of my head...)

I'm gonna try & make my mom/secretary visit all my friends in the next few days...she can at least do that much for me...

Love & Licks,


the 4 Bs said...

oh poor Randi, that green cone does not look nearly as comfy as the life preserver donut. darn it.

our mom loves Vincent too. he must have some kind of special scent for all of the moms to love him like that.


Moco said...

You did the same thing that Foley did to his stitches and it cost as much as the surgery to get it fixed. He had to wear a cone and a T-shirt. It wasn't even a tie-dyed shirt. His cone was clear so yours is more stylin' and profilin'.
Grammie loves that guy also. She has watched that program since year one. She loves him skinny or heavy and with his gray hair also. She is nuts for that guy. That is probably where Peanut's mom got it.

Geegs said...

That cone sure does not look comfy.. You still look happy though!! before you know it the ouchies will be healed and you'll be up and running again!

Joe Stains said...

oh dear Randi, that is not good! Staples can't taste good at all!!! You do look nice in green tho!

Amber-Mae said...

Oh my... You've been very notty Randi. You ate the staples! Wouldn't that be dangerous girl? You gotta let it heal up 1st Randi then maybe you can pull the stitches out.

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

Mango said...

That green cone doesn't really suit you. Didn't they have anything in a leopard print or something?


The Brat Pack said...

Oh no, those cone things stink.

Mom likes him too....boring.


Daisy said...

Oh Randi, you done a bad thing! Dr. Daisy's advice is for you to leave your staples alone. Okay?

Lorenza said...

Hi, Randi!
I am so sorry you have to wear that green cone!
I know you are a good girl so I hope you leave alone those staples so you can get better soon!
Kisses and hugs

wally said...

Haha! I like to pull out stitches, too. I know you are a nice girl and will not use your lovely cone as a deadly weapon like Oscar Bean did. I hope you heal quickly because, while you are mighty fetching in green, it obstructs my view of your beautiful eyes!

dr. wally t. corgador, m.d.

ps. My ma ape has personal trainers named Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert but she is afraid sometimes she will laugh too hard and fall of the treadmill and then we will laugh at her mangled body at the food of the 'mill.

Cassidy said...

Sorry to see that you got coned, but it will save you lots of visits to the vets from getting your wound all infected and icky!

Cassidy x

Pippa said...

You are a little minx. I am trying to decide whether I prefer you in blue or green. Decisions decisions. Oh, and thank you for telling me I am your 10000 th visitor. :) I feel very honoured.

Pippa xx

Prin said...

I passed by the other day from Lola's blog and I saw this post and then tonight, I was just trolling around with the "next blog" button and I found an almost identical "tribute" to Vincent, so I thought I'd come back to show you. I think it's funny. I mean, it's not like he's that popular. :D

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