Thursday, March 20, 2008

Here's an old pic of me & Winston having a sleep over at my I'm going to have to go & sleep over at HIS house till Sunday which of course is RANDAY! My peoples are going on another adventure & I cannot come along...*BIG SIGH* Don't they realize that things are always much more fun with a big furry black doggie along?
Here's a pic of my trying to figure out how I'll pass my time at Winston's without him driving me crazy...maybe I'll try to cross my eyes & hypnotize him...On a more serious note (if you can be serious when talking about that little Win-com-poop)...I went along with him to the vet yesterday...turns out he has a little tumor on the side of his shoulder...the docs think its that's good...even as much as I whine about him, he's still pretty fun to play with...He might have to have it taken off in a couple weeks...maybe I can get the docs to take out the hyper-overdrive-spazz part of his brain...

'Till Randay...

Love & Licks,


Asta said...

Hi Randi!
I think you will figoowe out a way to have a gweat time with youw pal..I do think youw pawents would have lots mowe fun with you along though..
I am going to WOme with my pawents..It's my fiwstest twip on a nonRuby aiweplane, and I heaw the sewvice is not neawly as good, but I'm suw I'll have a gweat time anyway..I've been pwmised gelato evewy day..ymmmm1
smoochie kisses,

Lady Kaos said...

Hope you have a fun sleep over. My parents say they know it's more fun taking along a furry black dog, but there are some places that don't think the same way. I don't think Mom and Dad should go to those places.
I've been trying to post about your foot, but blogger and I haven't been getting along very well. A couple years ago I cut my foot in the exact place you cut your's. I was also outside and Mom and Dad have no idea what happened and I also didn't tell them. Mom didn't take a picture because it grossed her out. Mom and Dad cleaned my foot out a couple times a day (we have all dirt in my back yard so they were worried about getting dirt in it), but the part that I think healed me really fast was I went to work with Mom 1 day and then Grandma had planned to take some days off from work and I went to her house until my foot healed enough I didn't need the bandage anymore. I notice your foot doesn't have as much bandages as my foot did. I guess that means you aren't wripping it off like I did. If I wasn't supervised, the bandage came off within seconds. Hope your foot heals faster than my foot did!

Daisy said...

Even though the little Win-com-poop is very silly, I am sorry that he has a little tumor on his shoulder. I hope it gets all better soon, and is nothing bad. I think you will have fun sleeping over with Winston.

Harry said...

I hope you enjoy your Easter weekend, though I'm sure you will miss your parents. I'm sure a few days with Winston is still better than kennels.

Toodle pip
Harry x

Moco said...

Good luck getting the spazz out of his brain. Hopefully his tumor removal goes well. Go with a positive attitude and have a great time.

Lorenza said...

Hi, Randi!
Paws crossed for Winston.
I hope your parents have a nice trip and you will have fun with Winston!
Kisses and hugs

The Brat Pack said...

We hope you have tons of fun! We always get left behind on adventures too. Bah.


Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Hey buddy,

Hope the paw is feeling better - looks very ouchie :-(

I know I am alittle late - but can you ask your mum what U23D was like ? My mum is busting to know !

Also, email me if you would like Marvin's snail mail addy - I am sure they wouldn't mind me passing it on to a good buddy.


Sophie Brador said...

Randi! I hope you're having a blast over at Chez Win-com-poop. I think you secretly love him to bits.


babyphat523 said...

Hi Randi, Hope you're having a great time with your cuz Winston. Tell him not to worry about the lump. Reb had one on his chest that we had removed. Turned out to be a fatty tumor on his fatty self.

Hope your peeps have a fun and safe trip!
Much love!
Sus, Mo, Rub, Reb & the Chumbawumba

Amber-Mae said...

Oh, you'll be okay at Win-com-poop's place. Hope his surgery will go well...

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Abby and Jack said...

Sorry to hear about your buddy! But we're sure he'll be fine! Have a great Easter!

Abby and Jack

Stanley said...

Randi Girl!

I'm sure you and the Wincompoop will find a way to coexist in a fun way this weekend! I think it's your peeps who are going to have to find a way to enjoy THEIR weekend without their fave furry girl!

Let us know what you end up doing with the Win-com-poop this weekdnd. Can't wait for RanDay!

Goober love & smooches,

Mack said...

Thank dogness Wincompoop's shoulder ouchie is gonna be okay! I hope you two have a great Easter weekend!

Pippa said...

Hello Randi
I don't know how I missed this. I hope your pawpaw is much better now and that you are having a fine time with Winston. You look very cute in your pictures.
Mistress wants to know if your peeps will be putting up any pix of their black-dog-free adventure.

Love Pippa xx

Anonymous said...

At least you're not being left all alone to fend for yourself while your humans are away Randi!

Hope Winston doesn't drive you too nuts and the lump in his shoulder isn't anything serious.