Saturday, March 29, 2008

My Brother Dublin

Its been one year ago today since my brother Dublin went to Rainbow Bridge...My mom & dad keep saying they can't believe its been an whole year already...we all feel like we've been living in a fog for the last 12 months... Here is a painting that one of our friends had done to remember Dublin by...they used the photograph above as inspiration...It is a cherished piece that sits above our fireplace...
You all would have loved Dublin...He was a big baby trapped in an even bigger body & a master of trickery...Everyone said he had the looks & I had the brains...even when I was at my heaviest at 120 pounds ...(remember, I'm a sleek 86-pounder now) Dublin still outweighed me by 15 pounds...he was a fit 135 pounder & used to throw his weight around (literally) to get him what he wanted...
Here we both are - these are our fat photos...I'm about 120 here & Dublin is about was the fault of Mr. Faulty Thyroid!
Here we are as "two peas in a pod"...My mom/secretary would like to thank all my DWB friends...she says taking the job as my secretary gave her the opportunity to meet all of you & channel her grief into something positive...

Run free live forever in our hearts...

Love & Licks,


4xBs said...

awwww Randi, Dublin looks like such a wonderful guy. we're sorry that you lost him too soon. those are such nice photos of the two of you together.

we're glad that you are on DWB also. we are pleased to know you and we know that Dublin is watching over you and smiling.


wally said...

Awwww..this is a wonderful tribute to Dublin. You were a lucky girl to have such an awesome brother. I'm sorry he was taken away too early but I'm glad you two could make each others' lives (and your apes') brighter. *Wally Hugs*


ps. "Two peas, one pod" is one of my favorite sayings. Your pod is surely one of the greatest.

Peanut said...

That is a wonderful tribute to Dublin. he looks like a great dog

Tiger Lily said...

Randi that is a lovely tribute to Dublin. He must have been a great dog and I can understand why you miss him. My woofies Zeke and Sushi send you tail wags.

Lorenza said...

Hi, Randi!
Thanks for sharing your tribute to Dublin! I can understand how much you and your mom miss him!
Thanks for being my friend!
Kisses and hugs

Lacy said...

woofies and burf's Randi, me seed u on Lorenza bloggy and thot me mite cheer u iz an angel, and me will look fur ur Dublin, we mite even play a game of bitey will let u brudders Bear and Rocky iz still wiff my mama and daddy..they r helping dem thro this time...

b safe,
Rocky, Bear and ;)angel lacylulu

Anonymous said...

Dublin looks and sounded like such a sweet guy - we are so sorry he is no longer with you.

Hugs, River

Daisy said...

Dublin was very handsome, and that painting is wonderful. I am sorry your brother had to go to the Rainbow Bridge. I'll bet he is watching over you like a little furry angel.

Maggie & Mitch said...

Dublin looks like he was one sweet boy! What a beautiful painting of him. We're so glad that we're DWB friends too, Randi!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Mango said...

You must miss your brother. I know I miss my beautiful Raja. Pee-wee just ain't the same.

Mack said...

Please don't cry pretty Randi. Dublin is up in heaven with my old "momma" Emily and they are chasing rabbits and running free!


Sophie Brador said...

I love those photos, especially the last one. I can only imagine how much you all miss Dublin. I miss him and I never even got the chance to know him. Your mom is so lucky she has you Randi. You ARE smart AND beautiful, and I'm sure you make her smile every single day.

If I could have a Guiness, I would raise my glass to Dublin. Several times! Instead, I will raise my kibble to the boy. Run free Dublin!


Joe Stains said...

What a wonderful painting, its great! I am sure you guys really miss him but we hope our words helped you guys to feel a little bit better!

Amber-Mae said...

He sure was a handsome! I think we all would have loved him just like you said if he was still here with you guys...That's a bootiful painting of him!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to you Randi at losing your brother Dublin, i am sending you my kisses and cuddles to let you know i am thinking of you.

take care



The Zoo Crew said...

Our mom was out of town visiting Willow and doing other visiting with family so she missed out on checking any blogs. So we're a bit late sending our warmest wishes that the sweet memories you all have of Dublin will carry you through all the days ahead!

peace, paws, and hugs!

The Zoo Crew

Cassidy said...

Run free Dublin, me hopes you and Oscar be having a blast together.

Cassidy x

babyphat523 said...

Oh Randi, I'm so sorry I'm late in getting to this post.

That is a beautiful portrait of Dublin. I hope that you, Mom & Dad can find comfort in knowing that Dublin was loved so very much during his time with you. I'm sure Dublin is causing his own brand of mischief by the Rainbow Bridge, running free and out of pain with our Hubert.

Many Newfy and Golden hugs to you from your friends in the Northeast.

Jennifer said...


'Bella and Gabe are so sorry about the loss of Dublin. Your tribute to him left our mom (Jen) with tears.

Just remember that Dublin is at the Bridge and watches all you do with a tail wag and happy woofs.

Slobbers and pants from your Newfoundland pals,
'Bella and Gabe

Stanley said...

Randi Girl!

Dublin looks like he was quite the dog... and a lucky dog at that seeing as how he had you for a sissy. It's obvious he knew he was loved by you and the hoomans.

When I first saw the two of you in that last photo I thought it was a Lab/Newf rug of some sort. Now I realize that it was... only ALIVE.

I have a feeling you inherited some of Dublin's gift for trickery, and you not only have brains, but also immense booty (I mean, beauty), inside & out.

Goober love & tribute smooches,

Moco said...

Please say Hi to Sam, Daisy and Mittens for us.