Sunday, March 16, 2008


Happy Randay Everybody! I've been sad for various reasons...first, blogger didn't let my mom/secretary post all week! Then I hurted my paw paw today chasing Win-com-poop in our yard...see the white bandage?...
My mom/secretary came home & found my paw paw scraped & bloody...I refuse to tell her what happened pride in on the line...
So I'm taking it easy today...just resting....a hurty paw paw on Randay isn't a fun paw paw...
I got a new collar this week! Its pretty & polka-dotted & pink! & looks absolutely smashing against my shiny black furs...See how my pink tongue matches?
Remember last week on Randay I said my peoples were going on an adventure & I couldn't come along? Well, they drove all the way up to Los Angeles to see the movie U23D...They were lazy & it left the San Diego they drove all the way up there to see it...
& all the brought us were these silly 3D glasses... Win-com-poop looks even more crazy than usual in this pic...
I wish they would have chosen a different color besides black...I like to coordinate, but a nice pair of red or pink frames would have been much better....
Here is a pic of me doing what my paw paws do best...I hope I'm able to still do this after I scraped up my paw paw...I'll keep you updated.
On this Randay, I'm thankful for mom/secretaries that will spend a 1/2 hour cleaning all the dirt & gravel & ouchie bits outta my hurty paw paw...she's a good mom, even if I don't say it too often...
Love & Licks,
ps...another thing that made me sad look-a-like friend in Scotland, Marvin the Hollow Hound has left DWB...anyone know why? anyone has his snail mail addy? I'd love to send him a card...I miss him already...


Lorenza said...

Hi, Randi!
Another not so happy Randay!
I hope your paw gets better soon. I like your pink collar and your new glasses!
I am so sad about Marvin and Jeannie. Sure it was a hard decision but I hope they regain their happiness.
I don't know their address I only have the email, if you want it.
Kisses and hugs

Joe Stains said...

omdog we hope your paw feels better. The new collar looks smashing!

Maggie & Mitch said...

We love your new collar, Randi! It looks so striking against your black fur! You're all set for Easter! Mom has Marvin's email addy. We'll send you an email, okay?

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Pippa said...

Hello Randi

I'm so sorry about your pawly paw paw. I would love to come and lie near you (not too near in case I hurt your paw paw by mistake) and make you feel better.

I put some flowers on my blog but I forgot to dedicate them to you which is just as well because then my other girlfriends might have been upset. But I can tell you that I was thinking about you when I did it.

There is something on Bone Zone about Marvin under "general discussion" I think. Not to worry, as it seems he is ok and so is Jeannie. You might want to check it out.


babyphat523 said...

Hi Randi,
So sorry that you hurt your footie chasing Winston.
Your new pink collar is very pretty!

Many hugs,
xoxo :)
Suse, Morton, Rube, Reb & Miss Chumba

Ferndoggle said...

Randi, your new collar is lovely! I'm sorry about your ouchy paw. I heard about my Marvin leaving DWBs this weekend & am very sad. Let us know if you find out anything.


Mack said...

Ouch! You got a hurty paw!!

Hope it is okay today. I will give you sugars so it will be okay. Muuuahhhhh!

And your new collar is smashing!

We are so very sad about Marvin leaving us. Hope everything is ok.

Happy St. Pat's Day,

Daisy said...

Oh Randi, I am very sad that your paw got all hurty. That is No Fun! And somehow, I suspect it is the fault of that silly Win-com-poop!

But at least you got a pretty pink collar.

Amber-Mae said...

Oh ouch! I hope the scrape isn't sooo bad & hope it's not hurting too much. Please take it easy on the paw paw okay?

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

wally said...

Oh Randay! I am so worried about your paw. My ma ape is going to CALI this week! Do you think I could send her with get well smooches for the paw paw?


The Zoo Crew said...

i hope your paw paw is doing better already. hurt paws are just no fun. i've lived most of my life with ulcerated pads and abscesses on my paws and i sympathize with's miserable! but i will agree that i love the attention from mama when she cleans my paws and dresses them with the bandages.

peace + paws,


pee-ess, that pink color looks smashing on you!!

Sophie Brador said...

Randi! I can't believe you can sleep like that. I'm not sure my paw paws will go in that direction. I sure hope your paw paw feels better.


P.S. Too bad about Marvin. I wonder why he left? I'll miss him too.

Stanley said...

Oh, Randi Girl!

Sorry I haven't been by for awhile. I would have sent you & your paw paws extra healing goober smooches!

You're one of the few pups who really knows how to accessorize, and looks FAB no matter what you wear. The black shades look mysterioso!

Take care of yourself, and I'll send you Marvin's peemail address if you like. I think I might have his snailmail address from Christmas. It might be a little while finding it since my girl will have to look.

Goober love & smooches,

Peanut said...

Nice collar it is very pretty.